Death, Transformation and Rebirth – The Sun Moves into Scorpio


**The Sun moves Signs roughly once every month, imbuing those that are born during that month with the Solar imprint of that particular Zodiac Sign’s energies. The month that the Sun spends in each sign also gives every single one of us collectively the time to focus on and learn about the energies of that particular sign.

Approaching Astrology as a full system – an intuitive science, a timeless form of story, a collection of archetypes – that is attempting to define and better understand the wide variety of energies at play in all of our lives, we are able to learn so much about ourselves and each other, promoting our personal and collective growth and evolution.**

The Sun is moving into Scorpio, and that means this is a great month to focus on all the unseen, emotional and generally ‘intense’ parts of your life. Frequently said to represent ‘sex, death and taxes’, Scorpio has been known to get a bad rap, but that’s primarily because this sign of the zodiac has a certain intensity, unknowable depth, and the willingness to explore beyond the boundaries of what many consider safe, into the dark and often taboo areas of life.

Some Scorpio Keywords: perceptive, magnetic, secretive, dark, empathic, guarded, intense, introspective, magnetic, mysterious, obsessive, possessive, quiet, secretive, sexual, strong, stubborn, vindictive

This month we all get an opportunity to see where we are reflecting the positive and negative sides of Scorpio, and where we can work to understand these energies within each other and the natural world around us.

In the Natural world, there is a major shift in light, and a sudden halting of the life, noise and activity of the summer months. The nights begin to grow longer, as the days become shorter and the sun light wanes. The weather starts to get colder and the ‘death’ cycle begins.

The life force that was pulsing, vibrant and green, begins to wither and turn to the deeper shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. Eventually decomposing back into the earth to be reabsorbed for the new life next spring.

Sex and Reproduction, Death, Transformation and Rebirth, and Other People’s Money, in the form of Taxes, Debts and Inheritances are things that we all have to deal with in our lives. And they show up in so many ways than just the immediately obvious.

A water sign, Scorpio naturally rules the Reproductive System, Pelvis, Sexual Organs, Genitalia, and the Organs of Elimination, Colon/Anus. Again, ruling the parts of our bodies that most people don’t like to talk about as openly, remaining secret/private and concealed. It is a good time to take care of any and all health concerns regarding your reproductive health and waste elimination.

It should be remembered that while Scorpio energy deals heavily with the themes of death and transformation, being related to the reproductive system, it also rules birth. Both ends of the cycle. Scorpio works to master the art of completing the cycle, transforming death into rebirth, new life, and transmuting past pain and emotional intensity into love, understanding and wisdom.

It’s no wonder that Halloween falls within Scorpio Season. This is the energy of everything spooky, scary, hidden, secret, esoteric, occult, otherworldly and morbid. People who are comfortable with Scorpio energy often aren’t as afraid to venture into these topics, and may even like them! These are the people who may enjoy dressing in all black or having a certain fascination with darkness, morbidity and death..

It is said to be associated more with deep connections and intimate sex (opposed to casual sex), although the darker/shadow side to Scorpio has been known to more openly explore sexual perversions, that most people would generally rather avoid or deny; dominance and submission, sadism and masochism, and other extremes.

Part of the path through Scorpio is the realization that the death cycle is the fuel for the big shifts, major transformations, and rebirth into new forms. Scorpio is known for it’s sting, when they feel they have been hurt or wronged, they may stop at nothing in seeking vengeance, even at their own expense! It is a good time to check yourself, and notice where you might do this to others in your life.

Although it is said that the Scorpion represents Scorpio energy at it’s base form, the Phoenix is another Scorpio animal totem, representing the highest form of Scorpio energy. The phoenix, allowing it’s old self to be completely consumed by fire, was then reborn from it’s own ashes. Scorpio has this ability to transmute, the lower ‘base’, animal and instinctual, energies into higher consciousness and spirituality.

Every sign is represented by an element and a quality; Scorpio is a fixed water sign. This brings with it all of the energies of a water sign, yet fixed and immovable. This quality can be thought of as ice, still, locked, rigid, strong and silent on the outside, yet full of all potentialities on the inside. It is more often described as standing, or stagnant water. Water that can’t move. This is the energy of a deep, dark well, that we don’t even know the depths of.

There is a certain fear associated with deep dark water, that we can’t see to the bottom of and don’t even know how deep it may be.. Stagnant water is also known to breed all sorts of bacteria/virus and other unknowables.. This is a time to pay attention to anything that has been bubbling up or brewing deep down within yourself.

You can do this work consciously and with the intention of getting to know these energies within yourself, and yet you still may find some of these themes showing up in your life over the next 30 day cycle.


Monthly Mantra for this Scorpio Season

“This month I allow myself to face my biggest fears,
the places deep inside my soul, that can bring me straight to tears.
Knowing that to be reborn I must allow the old parts of me to die,
living in MY truth is so much more empowering than living in a lie.”


Inspired by one of my long time hero’s, and soon to be teacher and mentor, Tom Lescher, aka Kaypacha to write a little mantra for this month! I am more than excited to embark on a year’s long journey diving deep into the wisdom of the Zodiac, as I incorporate it more into my offerings and writings!

Since I was 7 years old, Astrology has been a huge part of my life, a passion that consumes my interests in myth, story, archetypes and the cosmos. I am so excited to share more of my knowledge of the stars and to keep you all up to date on the latest happenings in the sky.

Look out for these Solar reports every month, as the Sun is moving signs to learn more about the energies at play for that month! When we attune to the energies of the natural world, we are less likely to get swept up the chaos and more easily able to stay grounded and able to work with the themes that are showing up.



Sun Moves Into Scorpio


7:15 EST / 6:15 CST / 4:15 PST


Next Month:

Sun Moves Into Sagittarius


3:54 EST / 2:54 CST / 12:54


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